I love sharing my birthday with Earth Day. I love the idea of it and I have become really clever and write it bEARTHday, or at least I think it is pretty clever. So yesterday was my bEARTHday and it was a good one. I pretty much did my regular Wednesday stuff, wake up early, work, massage or acupuncture (massage yesterday), clean up my house, do laundry, go back to work, hot vinyasa yoga class, come home, eat and sleep. But it is Earth Day as well and Mother Nature has her ways of letting us know that maybe she isn’t so hot with what we are all doing to the Earth. Most of you probably noticed that there was sunshine, rain, hail, wind, sunshine, wind, rain, and ended the day with sunshine and 35 degrees. That is Michigan weather for ya however I think there was a message in the madness yesterday. I caught something online about Oprah asking everyone to go one day without using a plastic bag. Try that as a challenge. Lets be more conscious. We need to be in order to have a safe and healthy Earth for all of us and future generations to live on. Recycle, reuse and reduce our waste products. Make a difference, it just takes being a little more aware. And thank you for all the bEARTHday wishes. I look forward to many more trips around the sun!

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