There is a lot going on these days and because of the news and media, many people feel like they are on a virtual roller coaster hanging on for life. That is an incredibly stressful way to live. There is news about the automotive industry, the economy, the job market, pirates, swine flu, weather, our government, and so much more that easily hooks our attention. Once our attention is hooked, there is this thing they do that puts us on this virtual roller coaster and it is hard not to go for that ride…and they do that for a reason, to get you to tune back in. Now I am by no means saying don’t listen and don’t be informed. Be aware, stay on top of the stuff that effects your lives, but know that they are taking you on a roller coaster that you didn’t necessarily sign up for. It is their way of keeping you watching what is coming next, keeping the TV on and letting their advertisers fill your minds with products to buy and drugs to look into because your body doesn’t know how to handle itself. And this swine flu thing…I have heard the word over 50 times in the last two days. It is a flu and the body can handle it. There have been a few cases, 20 as of the other day, in the US and no one has died from it here. The very best thing you can do in these times is keep yourself healthy and keep your immune system boosted. How do we boost the immune system? Eat a balanced diet full of fresh, unprocessed foods, get enough rest (3-4 hours doesn’t cut it for most people), drink plenty of water (half your body weight in ounces), exercise regularly, keep a positive attitude, and get your nerve system checked. The nerve system and the immune system are directly related and keeping the nerve system clear by chiropractic adjustments allows the body to work at it’s full potential. So stay informed, stay healthy, and enjoy the ride called LIFE instead of the roller coaster ride the media is taking you on!

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