It is amazing that the end of the summer season is approaching already. This has been one of the most beautiful summers that I can remember in Michigan and I have enjoyed every minute of it…from inside a building. It is amazing how time flies when you are having fun and that is exactly what happened to my summer this year. Today marks the 8th day the Cafe of LIFE has been in our new home and getting this place ready was truly a labor of love. My boyfriend and I have spent the past 2 months straight here at the building. We worked every night until 11 or 12 and all weekend, every weekend. He was able to do all the skilled work; plumbing, carpentry, electrical, etc…and I did the grunt work; painting, cutting ceiling tiles, cleaning up messes, vacuuming, etc. We ran into some serious challenges however we learned a lot about the building and about each other. Though I have been serving people out of this space for just over a week now, there is a lot of miscellaneous stuff to still finish and we have spent a couple evenings back at it. The thing I have noticed the most over the past couple days is how early it is getting dark now. We were here just last night and the sun set and it was dark before 9pm. That is how we know it is getting towards fall around here. In the past years I could measure the summer coming to an end because my tan would be in full effect. This year, I do not even have tan lines. I know I have been working too hard and not playing when I get on my parents boat and instead of relaxing and watching the water and everyone enjoying it, the boat immediately rocks me to sleep and I wake up about an hour later completely confused. It is time to rest.

Though summer is winding down, it also means that fall is almost here and college football, carmel apples, changing leaves and sweatshirt nights are just around the corner. I love the fall. I think it has something to do with the fact that I grew up on an apple orchard and fall was an exciting time because of harvest. I also loved school and really enjoyed getting back in the swing of things every fall. Over the next month my family has some pretty exciting things happening with the wedding of my older brother and our annual family getaway. I will also be able to keep up with my blog better now that things are settling down.
So enjoy the last couple weeks of summer, get the most out of each day, I hope you get your school shopping done and enjoy preparing to dive back into the books.

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