My life is an ongoing process of “being me” and learning more and more about what “being me” is like on a daily basis. I love having a blog because as I grow and learn, I have an avenue to share some of those lessons with you and over the past couple months I have learned a lot. The following is just one of the many lessons as of late.

At the beginning of Yoga Teacher Training I made a commitment to be vegetarian for 3 months. In the middle of Teacher Training we did a 21 day cleanse that cut out all animal products as well as a few other things, which in essence is when I went completely vegan. After 21 days on that cleanse I felt so great that I continued for another 30 days or so and ever since then have chosen not to return to any animal products, not even eggs or cheese…and at that point I came to an amazing realization in my life…I FEEL AMAZING DAY IN AND DAY OUT!!

Prior to the initial commitment to become vegetarian, I was dealing with feelings of starvation 3-4 times a day, beginning early in the morning and would wake me up out of my sleep. I changed my diet and I no longer have that anymore. Some other amazingly wonderful things that I have noticed…
1. As already mentioned…I do not have to deal with feelings low blood sugar and starvation.
2. I do not have to sleep as much…I used to require 9-10 hours of sleep and sometimes a nap to feel good…now I am feeling great with 6-7 hours per night.
3. I have not been congested at all. I feel clear and free every day.
4. I have massively high amounts of energy.
5. I wake up and jump right out of bed.
6. I have huge amounts of energy when I workout.
7. I have been migraine free for 5 months now.
8. My mind is clear and my mood is good.
9. I have less wrinkles on my skin and less cellulite.
10. There is true, deep, profound peace in my being.

Being a health care provider, people ask me all the time about my diet. I had a very good, clean omnivore diet prior to making that initial commitment without any intentions of changing what I was doing. I was actually really nervous about switching over to a vegetarian diet thinking that I wouldn’t get enough substance to keep my blood sugar levels up. That couldn’t be further from the truth for me. For the above reasons, and so many more…I will be sticking to what I am doing. There is a bit of controversy about a vegan diet and that it is lacking some key amino acids necessary to build a strong, healthy body. I have taken that into consideration and supplement accordingly.

Our bodies are roughly 80% water and are happier if we consume things that match that percentage which means lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. I am by no means promoting a vegan diet for everyone and I believe we need to continue to explore to determine what is right ourselves individually. I do, however, encourage a “plant based” diet which will include loads of fresh, live fruits and vegetables and organic and local whenever possible. When we put raw and alive food, an apple for example, into our bodies…we are actually consuming that apple’s life energy. Wouldn’t you want to add more life whenever possible?

We get one chance…one life…one opportunity to experience all that we can in this body. I am choosing to help my body be the best, feel the best and promote health from the inside. Are there areas in your diet that could maybe use a little renovation? a little alteration? There is no time like the present.

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