I have looked back at this journal entry a few times and I want to put it up here because I think that it may speak to a few of you and I want to share it. In yoga, we talk so much about coming to our “edge” on a physical level and how that physical “edge” can be a metaphor for other layers of our being. This was part of that particular lesson.

I found myself at three interesting “edges” today. The first has to do with the cleanse and I’m still trying to figure out where these messages of “let’s be done now” are coming from because I know my body is being physically nourished well. The second has to do with the commitment to this process of Yoga Teacher Training with my favorite party of the year this Friday…Tiger’s Opening Day ( I am not a die-hard baseball fan, but I am a HUGE Opening Day fan). I was even offered 2 sets of tickets to the game and everything.

The last edge is really personal, but being at that edge I have 2 options…#1 I can back up and go the other way, or #2 I could jump and grow wings after my feet leave the ground. This particular edge is familiar and I have been here before. Last time I went the other way. I’m deciding which to choose this time and wondering even why this is presenting itself again…but it is, and when I flip a coin and make the agreement with myself that I will do what the coin says and it turns up the side of “jump”…I run through the scenario in my head and there is a incredible heart-opening joy and peace involved.

The “edge” takes on many shapes and forms and keeps showing up in many different areas in life. It is dynamic and personal and teaches us about what it is like to be us in that particular moment, at that particular time. The best thing we can do is brush up against it so we know where it is, and see if we can connect with something inside that gives us the strength and courage to push through those limits. This is how we grow and evolve.”


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  • Posted by Anonymous on July 18, 2011 at 10:01 pm

    You amaze me!!!