Where does the time go?

I have been wondering lately how can I squeeze a few more hours in a day? I mean literally, find a place to add a couple hours so that I would have more time to get stuff done. I am overwhelmed with what I have to accomplish by the end of this week. I guess that comes with my “jet-set” (as my practice members call it) lifestyle. I realize now that if I had stayed in town last weekend instead of hopping a plane, I would have my scarecrow finished that is supposed to be done by 9am tomorrow morning. You see…there is a Chamber of Commerce event called “An Event So Good Its Scary” that happens this Friday. Because I registered as a hospitality point, which just means that I will welcome Trick-or-Treaters into my office on Friday from 1-6, I also have to have a scarecrow for the Chamber to judge. This is all very fun stuff, I just press my limits sometimes of what I can accomplish is what amount of time. That is how I was born. So during my break today, I will be making a scarecrow so make sure to swing by the Cafe of LIFE to see this creation. I will post pictures…

Where does the time go?


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  • Posted by Marie on October 30, 2008 at 10:18 am

    Just imagine how you will be when you have children added to each week…. You are like me in ALWAYS having something, okay MANY things going at one time!!! Sometimes life just “needs” to be late so we can catch up!!!