I have the honor of serving a lot of children in my practice. The innocense they have in viewing the world is priceless.
They come free of guilt, free of inhibitions, and they allow themselves to really be happy. I love that part about kids and especially when they learn to talk and want to discuss things in their world. Have you ever had a conversation with a child and really listened to their view of situations? It just makes me laugh, not at them, but at how far off center we get as adults.
You see, the stress that we create in our lives, is just that, CREATED. The Cafe of LIFE Book Club is reading an excellent book that helps to put it all into perspective. Along the way it is assisting us in getting to what is creating stress and suffering and whether or not it is even true. It really boils down to the fact that most of what is happening is our made-up view and opinion of the situation and not reality.
Children do not have a whole lot of opinions about things. Well maybe they do, but it usually only goes as far as what they do and do not want to eat. The rest of the world is approached from such an innocent place…and that place is fill with wonder and joy. Let’s learn from the children.


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  • Posted by crismore2419 on October 30, 2008 at 3:22 pm

    What is the title and the author of this book you speak of?