Hilarious! I was in New York City over this past weekend for a friend’s wedding and though I am over the romantic-ness of NYC, I still enjoy three things that are uniquely New York; Central Park, Broadway shows, and the cuisine! Have you ever had risotto tater tots? Amazing! Anyways I was surprised on Saturday and taken to the show which I had no idea what we were going to see. In the cab on the way there, I was playing the game ’20 Questions’ and was able to narrow it down to a male comedian. The theater district is really packed during the evening shows and the cab had to drop us off about 3 blocks from the theater and walk the rest of the way. When I turned the corner and saw the above billboard, you can imagine my thrill to be going to see Will Ferrell! I had no idea he even did stand-up anymore. His show is called “You’re Welcome America” and it is 1.5 hours of him as George W Bush, recapping this term in office. For a taste of the humor…the show started with a helicopter sound and smoke and Will being lowered down from the ceiling tandem with a paratrooper as if being dropped off in the middle of NYC. That was his entrance and being in the 4th row, the whole show was a riot! He does George W Bush so well that at one point, it really felt like his true farewell speech, which brought me to a moment of gratitude for our new president and what he has in store for America! Thanks Will!

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  • Posted by Tisha on February 18, 2009 at 3:01 pm

    oh you are soooo lucky!!! i LOVE LOVE LOVE will ferrell! you will have to tell me all about the show tonight!