I have been working with a wonderful new practice member over these past two weeks. We had an interesting connection from the first day we met and it has continued to become more and more interesting. I love when people come in and ask me questions and share their experience. So this woman was in yesterday and she said “This is emotional”. And I asked “What is emotional?” Her reply was “This healing process and getting better thing…it’s emotional”. And my conversation went a little bit like this…When we have excessive stress, our bodies hunker down and try to protect us, out of the need for survival. If that stress, which can be physical, chemical or emotional, continues to bombard our system, the areas that the body is protecting cannot handle it and they begin to “check out”. One of the areas that the body is first to protect is our heart. So when we begin to interrupt that pattern with the chiropractic adjustment and positive thinking, we begin to peel away the layers that protect the heart. When this happens, the areas that were “checked out” begin to “check back in” and when the layers that protect the heart get peeled away, in a safe environment and in a nurturing way, people often break down in tears in the adjusting table. That is ok and happens frequently here at the Cafe of LIFE. Not only do we begin to “feel better” overall, we also begin to “feel better (feel things better, easier)”. And the people in our lives, especially close loved ones, pick up on the fact they can get to your heart easier and life is better. And there is not much more to life than that. So open your heart and enjoy your Valentine’s week !!

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  • Posted by Tami on February 14, 2009 at 4:41 pm

    Hello Erica,
    I can truly relate, as I had been having so many health related issues this past year. After having many, many tests searching for the cause of aches & pains that worried me, the resolve was arthritis as the main cause. Medication helped some but I got worse as time passed & taking medication every day just wasn't an option I felt was good for me in this case.(gee maybe I was begining to listen) Eventually my back went out, twice in one week so bad I could not hold myself up!
    and all I did was let out a BIG sneeze! What does it take for us to listen to our bodies? For me it was this & I had to listen. It brought me to a place of stillness & as I looked at myself I realized I was not still long enough to listen. An epiphany moment for m :;-) I thought I took time to smell the roses & all that, well obviouly not long enough! I took my doctors advice & the advice of many friends to go to a chiropractor. Being led to you was a result of learning to slow down & listen to my body & those in my life that were trying to help me. My reward has been quite a wonderful suprise!! After my first adjustment at your office I stood up with out that hip pain in great suprise & it has not been there since!! A lession well learned, so gee, you can teach an old dog new tricks, ha, ha. Seroiusly, I am grateful for the experience, for the healing hands you have been blessed with & chose to help others with. I believe part of the healing process is a thankful heart & I am grateful for you & the divine appointment that caused our pahs to cross. I have also "takeing the time" to go back to beter eating habbitts,drinking ALOT more pure water & stretching excersizes. Living an intentional purpose driven life, and redeeming the time. So, yes, I can relate as I took have been helped by you & the rosses smell divine!
    Thank you, Tami