So I attended a really cool event last night. My best friend is an amazing person, and amazing at what she does. Recently she set up the major sponsor’s display for the “Dancing With The Stars” Tour that is happening right now. The Tour has 38 dates all over the country in a 2 month time period. Anyways because she set up the display, she was given a few tickets to the Detroit event which happened last night. Yesterday was a busy day with snowboarding in the morning, kayak practice in the afternoon but what is one more event when I had been running all day anyways. So I made my way down to Joe Louis Arena for a 7:30pm show last night. By intermission I was completely awe struck and inspired at the same time. The dancers did an amazing job of putting on this show. Whoever created and directed the show really knows how to work the crowd. These dancers are such incredible athletes. They all put out so much energy that evening and to think they are doing 38 shows in about 60 days and all of them at that level of energy is totally amazing. I asked my friend if after she saw some of the rehearsals, if she went back to her hotel room to see what moves she could come up with on her own (because that is exactly what I would have done). She said no, however I do not completely believe her as it is human nature to just WANT TO DANCE!

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