I have the great honor of being a pediatric chiropractor and working with so many children every week in my practice. I want to take a moment to congratulate the parents that bring their children in for a regular check of the spine.
Why would I congratulate them? The choices that we make each day and especially for the little ones, have profound effects on the rest of our and their lives. Growing up with a healthy spine and nerve system allows their little bodies to have normal and regular development. If the spine and nerve system is compromised, the communication and development is compromised as well.
So many parents and beginning to realize that the health of their child largely depends on the health of the child’s spine and nerve system. The body is a miracle and no pill, antibiotic, elixir, or anecdote is going to create health.
Health comes from within, it always has and always will.  I love being a pediatric chiropractor.

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