That Rain!!!!

The Rain lately!!!
Wow! That was amazing! I am not sure how much rain we got over the weekend but it was an incredible amount for just one weekend. In the mid-west we get rain, however it usually goes as fast as it comes. I do not remember a time when it just poured without letting up like that. I check and adjust many people that work at an insurance agency and they were bombarded with claims from flooded basements and water damage. Rain is such a good thing. We needed it as we have been in a bit of a droubt through the summer. It is better if EVERYTHING IS IN MODERATION!!! And this MODERATION principle applies to most aspects of life. I cannot think of anything that is good in excess (although sometimes I could justify chocolate). I talk to practice members about getting enough water in everyday however even water can be harmful in excess. Excessive exercising is even unhealthy. So for all that the rain helped, it did enough damage because of the amount. The key to life is MODERATION.
The rain!

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