I don’t think there is anything better than a snow day.  It is a day that we can actually sit around and recuperate and not feel bad about not getting much done.

However, in saying that I also realize it can be a HUGE inconvenience.

At the Cafe of LIFE, we are concerned about your health, and we are concerned about your safety too.  We need to Chiropractor Fenton Michigan - Snow Day - Dr Erica Peabodymake sure that when roads are as bad as they are today, that you don’t attempt to make your appointment.  We were able to get back to the Cafe this afternoon at 3, however we were not confident that after serving for 3 hours that we would be able to get safely home.

We called as many people as we could, sent out an email and updated our Facebook page.  That is the best we could do.  Upon leaving the Cafe, the calls were forwarded to my cell phone and I have been able to field some of your calls from the safety of my home.

One call I missed and it went to voicemail.  In a very interesting tone the message was “It is ONLY snow!”  and that’s it and hung up.

Yes, you are right, it is ONLY snow.  But it is also the safety of my staff, my patients and to be honest, I am not sure the parking lot and sidewalk crew could keep up with the demand of today’s storm.  So we called it and went home.  I am sorry for any inconvenience and we are hoping to be back up and running tomorrow for normal hours.

In the meantime, since I was held up at home anyway, I decided to do my gratitude walk this evening in my snowshoes.  It was beyond beautiful and maybe you got to spend some time outside too!  That is what us winter-lovers do, we bundle up and go outside and we PLAY!!!

Here are some things on my gratitude list this evening as I trucked through the snow:Chiropractor Fenton Michigan - Snow Day - Dr Erica Peabody

I am grateful for my staff and their willingness and dedication to serve, my community, my patients, my practice, plow trucks, salt trucks, my vehicle, AWD, snow, snow storms and snow days, my warm home, my healthy body and strong legs, my snowshoes, my ski poles, snow, my hat and gloves, my warm clothes, my long johns, snow removal companies, telephones and cell phones, running water, electricity, boots, food in my fridge and cupboards, my family, my neighbors, snow, clean water to drink, text messages, computers, furnaces, snow shovels, music, muscles, voicemails, heat, quiet time, the chance to have a moment to think, and did I mention snow yet?  And snow.

Although this mild winter has been awesome and so nice to be able to get some projects done, we really do need the snow, for the water melt if nothing else.

I think this is only the fourth snow day in 11 years in practice.  If that is the going rate of our commitment to service, you know we take what we are doing seriously.  You also know that we take the safety of everyone involved very seriously as well.

Enjoy your snow day, night and maybe a second snow day!!  Stay tuned and we will update you as time and this storm progresses.  Oh, and get out there and ENJOY IT!!!!



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  • Posted by Scott Farnell on February 26, 2016 at 4:59 pm

    I took a snow day and didn’t even get to find out how bad the roads were…. I hear they were pretty bad. All I knew about conditions outside is that it took 3 hours to shovel my driveway. It confirmed for me that a whole day at home should be a regular occurrence more than 2-3 times a year. This could be the year of the “blue flu”, caused and cured by clear skies and sunshine… I’ll keep you updated.