I attended an amazing lecture with some really good friends this past weekend.  The presenter/author touched on a really important topic…WHAT IF LIFE IS ABOUT SOMETHING DIFFERENT than we have always thought?
In this culture we have been taught that life goes something like this…
Grow up.  Get the education, Get the job. Get the boy. Get the girl. Get the car. Get the house. Get the time off for vacation. Get the kids. Get more kids. Get the bigger house. Get the better car. Get the toys. Get the better toys. Get the good retirement. Get better stuff than the neighbors. Get the grandkids. Get retired and live happily ever after.

Is it possible that our understanding or life itself is totally askew?  Maybe there is data missing and the whole human race is after the wrong stuff.  How is it that 7 billion (+ or -) people declare they want the same thing and not be able to attain it after thousands of years of trying.

The lecturer presented the idea that maybe life is more about the following:

Be authentically you.

Figure out what it means to be you.

Then move about and express yourself in this world in a way that allows others to express themselves in a way that is more true to their own soul as well.

I think it is pretty safe to say that our job is to search and seek out ways for us to know ourselves better and to figure out our purpose and meaning in this life.  We are not our physical appearance, the things we have, our education, our car, our job, our partner or our kids.  We are simply us and stripping it all down to the very core of what that means is WE ARE LOVE.  The rest of the stuff and things are just a very small piece of life.  Our bodies are the vehicle that gets us around in this world so that we can have experiences.  Beyond that, life is about relationships and how our words, thoughts and actions affect other people’s words, thoughts and actions.

The end of the lecture was a culmination of all that he said and 3 simple “call to action” steps that we can take as we travel through our days.

1.  LOOK AT PEOPLE – really look at them because we all have a strong desire to be seen and the “eyes are a window to the soul”.

2.  SMILE – Smiling at another means “I get what I am looking at.  I get you.”  If you are happy in your life, make sure to tell your face about it so it can be your loudspeaker to the world around you.

3.  TOUCH – Reach out and make contact with someone.  Our culture walks around severely deprived of physical touch and it is a necessary part of being a human.

…and a little bit of icing on the cake – SAY SOMETHING NICE – tell people how wondrous they are and give them back to themselves.

Can we really afford to walk around one more day not expressing ourselves and holding back from showing the world love?  The days go quick and this life is really short and we only get one chance.

We never know how something that we think, say or do today will effect the lives of millions tomorrow.”                                          -BJ Palmer

Let’s make it count because what if life really IS about something different than we have always thought?




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