I physically connect with a few hundred different people per week through service at my chiropractic office Cafe of LIFE, my book club, the gym, the yoga studio and other things that I am involved in.  A large portion of those people are connected with me through Facebook as well and I make a conscious effort to share my life experiences along the way through that medium.  I get a lot of feedback and people say things like “Wow! You are all over the map!”, or “You are so free and do so many things!” or “You are always doing something fun.” or…well you get the picture.  I absolutely live a blessed life and am always trying to be involved in rich, rewarding experiences.  But am I REALLY living?

You may ask yourself, “what exactly does she mean ‘REALLY living’?”Fenton chiropractor where the magic happens

I was reading a book about 3 weeks ago which presented this new-to-me concept of what it means to REALLY LIFE life.  To REALLY LIVE life, I need to find myself stepping outside my comfort zone so that I can expand my ideas, concepts and limitations so that I may continue to grow and evolve.

I spend a lot of time by myself and I love going on adventures and make it a point to look at most experiences as great adventures…but lately I am asking myself, how adventurous am I really?

I have a lot of free time and sometimes I will see an event posted somewhere that I think will be really fun to attend, I have the time free and I really want to go…but I hold back because I don’t want to be the one to show up alone.  “What will people think if I am there by myself?”  “What if all the seats are in pairs and I am sitting there with an empty seat next to me?”  “What if everyone is talking in groups and no one wants to strike up a conversation with me and so I awkwardly stand off to the side alone?”  “If only I could find a friend to go with me and I will be comfortable.”

I also come across events happening in places I have never been and I am held back from going by thoughts like “How am I going to be able to navigate traffic and parking?”  “What if I have the wrong shoes and end up having to walk a long distance?” “What if I don’t want to participate once I arrive?”  “What if it is a really bad experience?”

If I only participate in events that I know exactly what is happening when I get there and who will be in attendance…am I REALLY living?  If all the details are already known, and everything plays out as anticipated, how am I going to grow, expand and evolve from that experience?

When I heard this idea, just 3 weeks ago, that maybe I was not REALLY living, I vowed to myself that if something came up that I really wanted to do, and I couldn’t find anyone else who could or would want to go, then I will still go anyway. I will show up alone, to unknown places, and unknown people and get involved in activities that I do not know all the details ahead of time just to see what will happen and how it will pan out.  Why not?  I have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain!

So I have started…I began with a new yoga studio that I had heard about and have wanted to try for some time now…and ended up having the most intense and amazing yoga experience of my life thus far.  While I was at that class, I was inspired to attend a class at the same location just a couple days later that turned out to be one of the most amazing experiences of live music and yoga I have been involved in thus far.  So now that I have had such great reward from stepping outside my usual and customary routine in life, I am inspired to do so much more…and I can tell this is going to snowball since I have only lived in this new thinking pattern for 3 weeks…which is a really great thing and gets me even more jazzed up about life than I already was so WATCH OUT WORLD!!!!

I am looking forward to more great adventures and trust me, when they present themselves…I am jumping because I AM REALLY LIVING THIS LIFE!!!!  Do you have a recent story that helps you relate to the idea of REALLY living life?  I would love if you would share and be an inspiration for me and others to keep stepping outside our comfort zone, since that is where life happens.  We only get one chance…



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