Many people are asking about my house.

Back in the beginning this year I wrote a blog called “I’m Not Crazy” about how, in spite of all kinds of different ideas and opinions everyone has about moving from a lake home, I had plans to sell my house.

I think it is so interesting how life works sometimes.

Very shortly following that final decision to sell, I met a really interesting man.  Most of you know that I have been single and dating for years, sometimes what seems like years and years.  This guy came into my life and just a couple weeks later I got a great offer on my home.  He and I were playing with the idea of keeping the house in case we Chiropractor Fenton Michigan My Housewent the distance together.  It was so early in our relationship that we really didn’t know much about our future.  It got down to the wire of having to counter the offer or take the house off the market.  As the minutes ticked by, I was in sheer panic trying to figure out if I should really sell and move on or keep it and stay put.

As the final minute to counter that offer approaches, I pulled the house off the market.  It was a heart-centered decision about my life I was ultimately really happy with my choice.  The couple that had made the offer came up with another offer meeting me half way from their original offer and the asking price.  My response remained “it is not on the market anymore.”  Then they came within $3,000 of full asking price…but I remained happy with my choice.

That particular gentleman and I didn’t end up going the distance.  However, months later, I am still so grateful for him being in my life at that moment when that decision needed to be made.

Today I sit and write to you while overlooking the lake.  It is fall and it is time to get the boats out of the water, roll up the docks, and batten down the hatches to take on Old Man Winter.  I face west and that unencumbered west winter wind is absolutely brutal from here most of the time.  I have a few new windows ordered to replace some old cabin windows, some insulation and other fall chores to be done and a new incredibly sweet handyman in my life ready and willing to help me tackle it all.  For all of that and so much more, I am grateful.

Life takes twists and turns and I have chosen that, instead of trying to force decisions, I can get quiet, look around, listen to my inner voice, check in with my heart and make that next step.

From what I mentioned above, I am sure your mind goes to the question of “Is that ‘incredibly sweet handyman’ going to be it for me?”  I can say one thing for sure…for right now, I am so very grateful for his presence in my life.  That is all I know.

Seems as soon as I try to make some sort of plan for my future; home, relationship or otherwise, I get blind-sided and spun around in a completely different direction.  For now, what I am certain about is that I am staying in my house.

When you look back on your life, can you see key moments and people or experiences that significantly changed the course of the path your life was moving on?  Boy, I do.  It is sometimes so hard to see through all the energy of the moment, however in retrospect it seems 20/20.  For now I will sit back in my house, breathe, have gratitude and trust the next move will be obvious when it needs to happen.



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