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“DO LESS” is the mantra I say over and over to myself lately.

I don’t know about your life, but every single last second will fill up in my life if I let it.  I find myself running here and there and being pulled in all kinds of different directions.

Dr Erica Peabody - DO LESS - Chiropractor Fenton Michigan

In Moshi, Tanzania relaxing

Also when all the minutes of life are filled up, the days and weeks and months fly by!  In fact, it is hard to believe we are working on the second half of June already when it feels like January was yesterday!

Since my training and trip to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, I have had a lot to accomplish.  I always have a lot going on during my weeks of serving the community at my office Cafe of LIFE Chiropractic.  But on top of that, I had so many weekends where I needed to travel for work conventions and the other weekends filled with other plans, fun plans, but plans nonetheless.  It turned out I was only home 3 weekends out of 3 full months.

Once June rolled around and I was working to plan my month ahead, I decided this was going to be the month to do less.  Do less traveling.  Do less roaming around this area.  Make less plans.  Do less with my downtime.  And now that we are over half way through this month, I am glad I made that an actual goal.

I have spent a few full days sitting at the lake.  I have spent many evenings just relaxing and reading and writing at home.  I have opted for longer walks and bike rides from my home rather than making it up to the gym.  I have ran less since my foot is still healing from my climb in March (subject of the next blog).  I have eaten more meals at home and stayed in to just sit and listen to music.  I have successfully done less.

I was considering getting on a plane this coming weekend because I have some new really important people born into the world in the last week but have decided against it.  I have had invites to head up north that I have turned down.  I did take advantage of one day road trip last week that really filled my soul so I haven’t been totally and completely grounded to Fenton, but in that day we did less than what would have been my norm in the past.

Dr Erica Peabody - DO LESS - Chiropractor Fenton Michigan Traverse City

Enjoying the beauty in Traverse City

Since summer break from school is in full force, I have asked many of my patients at the Cafe “What are your summer plans?  Any trips coming up?”   Many of them have said “Nope, we are mostly just going to be home.”  When they respond like that, I almost have a small sigh of relief for them as the school year is so busy that it truly is a time to do less.  Especially since the fall sports season pretty much cuts the last month of summer right out, that is just a few weeks away.

My Tuesday mornings used to be spent going up to the gym and taking a step aerobics class and now I am sitting and writing instead.  When I say DO LESS, I do not mean with your body or with mine and will follow up this writing slot with a bike ride to get my daily movement.  But following that I will sit meditation, if even for just 5 minutes.

Do less.  This doesn’t mean do less with your family or do less with your body, it means do less with your time and be more present.  Be closer to home, closer to the ones you love and closer to yourself.

I am a doer.  I go and go and go and go and go…non-stop…for years.  It has been so eye-opening to have a true goal to do less.  For many reasons I reevaluated what are the most important things to me and saved my extra time to spend doing those things with specific people and cut the rest out.

After writing and sharing all of that, I want to encourage you to look around your life and find an area or maybe a couple areas that you can do less.  I find when I am doing less, I am being more…more centered, more grounded, more peaceful, more rested…less of a human doing and more of a human being, and that makes me really happy.



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There is a feeling…an “out over a cliff” feeling.  It is uncomfortable and exhilarating all at the same time.  It is a really unfamiliar place for me to be in because I usually am not one that “jumps off a cliff” so to speak.  I am more of a “let me figure out my footing before I take a step” kind of a person.  Although when I need to move on something…you will not find me dragging my feet.  I move forward when necessary no matter what it feels like to do so and that uncomfortable feeling soon becomes the new normal.

I love that about life.  We get stopped and stay steady in our comfort zone and something or another will inspire us to move forward, we do so, get really uncomfortable and as the days go on,

we contract and then expand to integrate the move and create a new normal.  Then we stay steady there for a while, get inspired, move forward, get uncomfortable, contract then expand to integrate and find a new normal again.  It is a beautiful process of ebb and flow and such a necessary part in order to really live our life!

Over this past summer, I made my way down to Cedar Point to spend a day riding roller coasters.  I love roller coasters…I love the ups and downs and twists and turns.  Going up the hill there is the excitement of what it is going to feel like to go down the other side.  Then at the top of the hill that feeling builds as the cart travels over the top and heads down.  For me, the butterfly feeling as the cart drops down the hill is the best part.  In essence, it is the same butterfly feeling when getting involved in a brand new situation or meeting a new person.  That feeling is undeniable, intense and sometimes lasts for a few minutes, hours, days, weeks or even months.

For me, this flock of butterflies has been with me for almost 2 straight months now.  There was a moment back in October that I knew my life had changed forever.  I didn’t know how it would manifest, what it would look like or when, but it had changed.  I even announced it to a few friends that were standing around in that moment…and since then, I have had this flock of butterflies with me during my every move.

Its exhausting, and exhilarating, and nerve wrecking, and peaceful, and uncomfortable, and nauseating, and mind-boggling, and insomnia producing, and constructive, and destructive, and makes me happy, and causes massive emotional break-downs.  All of this is my body’s way of integrating.  An opportunity presents itself, we act on it, get really uncomfortable, contract then expand  in order to integrate and find a new normal.  I sure hope the new “normal” is on its way really soon!  There is a feeling…

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