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I’ve been meaning to tell you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!Chiropractor Fenton Michigan - I've been meaning to tell you - Dr Erica Peabody

Wait!!!  It is past the middle of January, isn’t it too late to say that?  Yes, you are probably right however I do hope your New Year is off to a great start!!!

I am writing to let you know that I spent all the money I was going to use to send out holiday greeting cards.  I went to order them but when I ran the numbers of how many thousands of cards we would have to send out here at Cafe of LIFE Chiropractic as well as my personal life and how many hours it would take to personalize all of that, I decided to do something different.

Over the past 13 years, Cafe of LIFE Chiropractic has grown and served so many people in and around this area that our address list consists of thousands of people.  Back in the early days when the Cafe was in its infancy, it was pretty simple to order 500 cards and take the time to sign them all, address the envelopes and send them out.

After a few years, and our office filled up, I realized how much time that was taking from my staff and myself as well as just how much money was spent to make all that happen.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love receiving Christmas cards and and holiday greetings and love to see how your families are growing.  THANK YOU SO MUCH for including us in your Christmas card list!  In fact, we have kept all of those beautiful cards with your gorgeous families here at the office and have wallpapered the back side of a door here atChiropractor Fenton Michigan - I've Been Meaning to Tell You - Dr Erica Peabody

the Cafe.  Want to see it?   —>>>

I decided about 5 years ago, since it was a substantial amount of money to make that all happen and I also know that there are many people going without food in our area, more than we even know, I would donate all that money to the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan.

The Food Bank can take $1 and get six meals out of it.  I don’t know what kind of food they can get their hands on but it has to be better than no food at all, especially during this time of year.

If one single dollar provides SIX MEALS to those in need, with the money we donated we provided THOUSANDS OF MEALS.  That makes us feel good about what happened to your Christmas greetings this year and for the past few years…someone is eating your Christmas card.

I realize that sending Christmas cards and greetings is an important part of the year to many people.  In fact, I am certain in the coming years I will get back to sending personal holiday cards again with a regular update as life progresses.  In the meantime, I will be supporting places that support our community and make the world a better place.  I think feeding people instead of sending cards was a great choice for us as I know our money was spread far and wide.

I trust the year is off to a great start and I’ve been meaning to tell you all that I am thinking about you, Merry Christmas and Happy 2018!!  May this be your best year yet!!!  …and something to think about for the future, maybe you will send some money to them as well knowing how much need there is and how far your dollar can go.


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“Hey Doc!!!  What should I eat???”  I have gotten this question so many times over the past few weeks at the Cafe of LIFE that I wanted to answer it in a much bigger way and really put some information out there for you.Fenton Chiropractor - What Should I Eat - Sweet Potato

There are so many concepts of this food is good, and that food is bad, and that and that is bad, and this is good.  Where does one even start????????  And you might be thinking and asking that same question and maybe you have been asking these questions for a long time now.

Should I eat meat or be a vegetarian?
What about being a vegan?  What about red meat?  And eggs or just egg whites?
How about that gluten stuff?
What about corn?  And soy?  And sugar?  Should I have dairy?

I do not have all the answers.  I am not a nutritionist.  I do however have A LOT of years of trial and error of my own, worked with patients and have done a TON of research, seminars and have been learning and learning and learning as I go. Fenton Chiropractor - What Should I Eat - Cucumber
Here are a few tips on how to determine what to eat:

EAT FOODS WITH ONE INGREDIENT:  This is what my diet consists of and most of it is vegetables.  What do I mean when I say ONE ingredient?  Well when you look at a cucumber for instance, it is just a cucumber.  I doesn’t have any additives, it hasn’t been processed and is just the thing that grew from the ground.  Chicken and fish are just that, chicken and fish, just one simple ingredient, and baked or broiled, delicious.  Sweet potato is just one ingredient.  Lettuce, tomato, rice, oats, apple, orange…you get the picture.  Cracker, for instance, is usually some sort of flour mixed with something else and baked and they added salt and probably high fructose corn syrup and all other kinds of things.  So when you sit down at the table to eat your meal, how many Chiropractor Fenton - What Should I Eat - Broccoliingredients are in the stuff on your plate?  Eat more WHOLE FOODS, more items that are just the food itself, just ONE ingredient.

EAT LOTS OF PLANTS:  Each time we look down at our plate and are about to eat a meal, I suggest more than half of your plate should be plants or the product of plants and is considered a PLANT BASED DIET.  I am not recommending a vegan or vegetarian diet, although I do have my own good and bad experiences, that is completely up to you.   You can decide if meat is right for you and which meats you choose to eat.  When choosing meats, clean, organic, grass fed animals is what you want to choose.  How do they grow and what do they eat when given their natural environment. So many of the meats have been mass produced at overcrowded farms.  Not good.  And if you are eating the meats, skip the sauces and figure out some herbs that you can use for flavor.  When I say I recommend is a PLANT BASED DIET, that just means load your plate up with the vegetables and then a clean protein.  In other words, consume lots of live things that grew from the ground.Fenton Chiropractor - What Should We Eat - Brown Rice

PROTEIN, FAT and FIBER:  One of my mentors has done away with the idea of PROTEIN, FAT and CARBOHYDRATES and has replaced the last part of that with FIBER.  This goes back to getting our actual carbs from FIBER, mainly vegetables and some fruits.  When we have the word “carbohydrate” on the back of a package and we know we need a certain amount of carbohydrate per day, we will give ourselves an excuse to eat some food that is not beneficial to us. This doesn’t mean that we can get our carb allowance for the day from some sort of processed food and call it the same as eating a sweet potato, oats or brown rice, it doesn’t work like that.  Fiber keeps our digestive system clear and moving, keeps our blood sugar regulated and it should be the key ingredient when you go to choose your carbohydrates for the day.  Let’s think about replacing the word “carbohydrate” with “FIBER” and make our choices be a lot more vegetables and a whole lot healthier.What Should I Eat - Salmon

EAT HEALTHY FATS:  In this culture we have gotten to a point that we are primarily driven by sugars.  Our body is breaking down sugars as an energy source and we really need to revert back to breaking down fats.  If the body is constantly able to just use sugars and carbohydrates as energy source, we don’t get to the powerful energy source which is fat.  When the body switches back over and starts burning fats for energy, it will start to burn more body fat and melt that right off the body as well.  Fenton Chiropractor - What Should I Eat - Water
How do we go about switching our bodies from sugar burners over to fat burners?  Start adding super healthy fats into your diet when you need a little energy boost and at the same time
limit your sugar and carb intake. Some ideas for healthy fats are avocado, coconut and coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, whole eggs, fatty fish like salmon, fish oil or flax seed oil supplement or a little bit of dark chocolate.

DRINK MORE WATER:  Water, water, water, water, water, water, water, water, water, water, water.  Period.

In the end, our diet doesn’t need to be and probably should’t be exciting.  Food is for nourishment and what I have noticed over the years, for myself and my patients, is that the cleaner and simpler it is, the more nourishing it is and the better the body feels.

The question, “What should I eat?”, I hear it a lot.  There is no “one size fits all” recipe for life.  In sharing this, I hope the simplicity helps a bit and helps you realize that the choices we make today effect us right away…but the long term cumulative effects of good choices really adds to our overall quality of life now and especially down the road.  The name of this blog is “We Only Get One Chance” and we may as well treat our body in a way that our one time around is the healthiest it can possibly be.


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Every year at Halloween, I have an internal debate with myself about giving out a bunch of candy.  I used to remedy this debate by handing out caramel apples however this year, with the apple crop damage in this state, we were unable to do that.  So we decided to do an experiment this time around…and the results were OUTSTANDING!!!

When I went to the store to shop for our trick-or-treaters, I felt a little like a scrooge buying apples, clementines and almonds.  I added M&Ms in the mix and so our bowl of treats had quite a variety.

I put about a quarter of the bag of snack size M&Ms in and filled the rest up with the real food; the apples, clementines and almonds.  We also gave out glow-in-the-dark bracelets to help them stay safe that evening and a book mark about health.

When the children came in, Angie would ask them to pick something from each bucket (bracelets in one, bookmarks in another, and the food/candy in the last).  When they got the bucket with the food/candy, a majority, and when I say the word majority I mean close to 90%, chose FOOD!!!  They would say things like “THEY HAVE ALMONDS!!!!”, “APPLES ARE MY FAVORITE!!” or on their way out the door, we could hear them declare “I ABSOLUTELY LOVE CLEMENTINES!!!!”.

It was amazing to see their reaction to what we were serving because I wasn’t sure which way it was going to go. In fact, when I was in the store getting supplies, I even said to the check-out person at Trader Joe’s “I may end up being one of those ‘dreaded’ places for Halloween because I am not giving out much candy, but I am going to give it a try anyway.”

So the outcome of this experiment is GIVE THEM FOOD!!!  Kids love food!  Real food!  Things that grow on trees and in the ground. They loved our treats and were absolutely thrilled to have the options. Why do you think that is?  I  attribute it to the possibility that kids innately know what is good for them.  I wouldn’t say a blanket statement “kids would choose real food over candy any day”, but how about giving them some healthy options on a regular basis.  How about rewarding them with a baked apple?  …or dried banana chips? …or some trail mix?  These choices on a regular basis will make a world of difference in their health in the long run.


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I walked into a local grocery establishment last night in search of two things…kale and organic lemons.  I have been disappointed in this grocery establishment for quite a while now but every time I really need something, I think to myself “well maybe it has changed and it is better now”.  No such luck.

I walked in the front door and right into their shrinking produce section.  It is pretty much the only section I go to in a grocery store since I do my best to eat as much live food as possible, mainly consisting of fruits and vegetables, and when

I say vegetables, I mean HEAVY, DARK GREEN vegetables.  It sounds absolutely silly, I know, but it seems they have shrunk down the produce section to make more room for the “Value” section which includes loads of canned and boxed junk that you can get for a really cheap price and take home to feed to your family.  There is something seriously wrong with this equation.

In a country plagued with illness, sickness and disease, there should be a expanding produce section, not a shrinking produce section.  The subset of the produce section “the organic produce” section is also shrinking in proportion to the overall diminish-ment of the section.  It is sad and it upsets me.  As I wander though this section, and the entire store for that matter, I find myself shaking my head in disappointment.  It is unbelievable that a community like Fenton, that seems to be growing and prospering, cannot get better food than this.

Have you ever heard that “you should only shop the perimeter of the grocery store”?  Do you know why?  The perimeter is the area where fresh food is located…hence the need for refrigeration and such.  Check in with yourself and see how many aisles you go down on a regular basis?  Pasta, rice and beans are located in the aisles that make up the middle of the store however not much else going on in that area that has much nutritional value, but it all has one INCREDIBLE shelf-life and much larger profit margins for the stores.  You can be sure that this area is filled with artificial colors, artificial flavors, high fructose corn syrup, preservatives and some of the “food” stuff isn’t even food at all!!!

It is really scary…it scares the crap out of me!

So my original reason for entering the grocery was in search of kale since it is one of the most nutrient-dense greens and I really wanted a green smoothie for dinner.  I would prefer organic but I would have gone with any kale that was fresh, because I have accepted the fact that living in Fenton is a limitation at times and organic is unfortunately luck of the draw.  I walk up to the shelf where it is supposed to be and it is empty.  I can feel my physiology shift to massive disappointment instantaneously.  Then I had a thought, “Maybe, just maybe, earlier in the day this shelf was overstocked with so much beautiful kale that everyone that walked by just had to stop and grab some to take it home with them to make green smoothies for dinner for their families.  I just got there too late in the day to get some”.

Yeah, that’s it.

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